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Snowshoe Sampler

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Escape into the winter wonderland of Grand Teton National Park with our Snowshoe Sampler adventure. Delight in the serene beauty and solitude of this pristine wilderness, all while discovering the secrets of winter ecology.

Choose from two magnificent location options, each offering a unique glimpse into the park's splendor. Taggart Lake, available daily, provides an opportunity to meet at Cache and Gill for your adventure. For those seeking a midweek escape, our Tuesday and Thursday Granite Canyon excursions offer a rendezvous at the clock tower in Teton Village. Please note that our knowledgeable guides may adapt the location to ensure the best experience, considering weather conditions or travel restrictions.

Provided on this tour are snowshoes, gaiters, poles, and transportation from Jackson town. Stay refreshed with bottled water and make use of the waist packs provided.

Your expert guides will lead you through the snowy landscapes, unraveling the mysteries of winter ecology and unveiling the hidden wonders of this pristine national park. Whether you're a seasoned snowshoer or a first-time adventurer, the Snowshoe Sampler guarantees an unforgettable journey through the heart of Grand Teton National Park's winter magic. Book your spot today for an experience that will leave you with cherished memories of the breathtaking Jackson Hole wilderness.

What's Included

Naturalist Guide
Souvenir Water Bottle
Field Guides/ID Books
Backpack or waist pack
Trail snacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tour include park fees?
No, park fees are an additional $20 per person and can be paid at the gate of Grand Teton National Park.
What kind of wildlife is in Grand Teton National Park?
There are many species of animals in Grand Teton National Park, some that you might see on this tour include: Elk, moose, black bear, bison, pronghorn, bald eagle, red tailed hawk, grizzly bear, & possibly wolf!

Quick Facts

Jackson Hole

2h 30min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.

Your tour costs are refundable if canceled 24 hours before the tour departure. If booking using the Book Now, Pay Later option, the 5% deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances.

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