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2 Day Grand Teton & Yellowstone Tour from Jackson Hole

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The close proximity of two of the most famous and sought-after National Parks makes Jackson Hole a highly desirable destination to visit! If you're looking for the best tour and guides in the area to explore both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, look no further. During this private tour you will have your very own educated (and fun!) naturalist guide who will take you to visit all the highlights in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone so you can rest assured you've seen all the best nooks and crannies of these legendary areas.

On Day 1 you will visit Grand Teteon National Park, since it's closer to Jackson, this portion of the tour will be approximately 7-8 hours. Grand Teton…where the mountains meet the sky. Look into the high alpine environment and see reflections so clear that you don’t know up from down. Hold your breath as the moose saunters across the pond and feel the warmth of the sun as it breaks through the clouds…listen to the sound of the eagle’s call as it echoes off the sparkling river. Breathe the fresh mountain air in Grand Teton National Park-mountain home of Wyoming’s wildlife.

Day 2 you will head North to our country's FIRST National Park, Yellowstone! Ready to be amazed at how fast a 12-hour day can breeze by?

You will smell the sulfur before you see it. Stop and take a closer look at the bubbling mud pots, steam vents shooting from the hillside, and shadowy waterfalls. Pause to feel the mist of Old Faithful’s explosion in all of its glory...It’s even better in person.

Hit all the best photo spots including Mormon Row, Jenny Lake, Signal Mountain, and Jackson Lake in Grand Teton. In Yellowstone, see Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, Yellowstone Falls, and more!

Experience world-class wildlife viewing with our professional binoculars and spotting scopes. Since our guides do this all the time, they know where the wildlife like to hang out.

Discover exciting stories, local history, and geological facts from your friendly naturalist guide, they'll feel like family by the end.

Each day we will start at 7am and will pick you and your group up from your lodging of choice.

What's Included

Binoculars/spotting scopes
Field Guides/ID Books
Naturalist Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Book Now/Pay Later?
The Book Now, Pay Later option requires a 5% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. You will see this option during checkout. The remaining balance is automatically processed two weeks before the date of the first tour on your invoice. You will receive an email reminding you of this payment five days beforehand. You must contact us before this date if you need to update your payment method. If your card is declined, your reservation will be canceled.
Is Yellowstone in Wyoming or Montana?
Both! While majority of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming, it also stretches north into Montana. Fun fact-- a small portion of the westernmost side of Yellowstone is in Idaho!
How far is Yellowstone from Jackson Hole?
The South Entrance to Yellowstone is approximately 80 miles from downtown Jackson, which can be about a hour and a half to two hour drive depending on traffic in busy summer times and road conditions in the winter. If you are staying in the northern reaches of the valley you can be much closer to Yellowstone as the northernmost gate of Grand Teton National Park is only 10 miles away from the south entrance to Yellowstone. Lodging in that area is limited but most of our tours provide round trip transportation from your lodging in Jackson Hole!
What kind of wildlife is in Grand Teton National Park?
There are many species of animals in Grand Teton National Park, some that you might see on this tour include: Elk, moose, black bear, bison, pronghorn, bald eagle, red tailed hawk, grizzly bear, & possibly wolf!

Quick Facts

Jackson Hole

48h 00min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.

Your tour costs are refundable if canceled 24 hours before the tour departure. If booking using the Book Now, Pay Later option, the 5% deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances.

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